Does Speed Matter For Websites?


It’s no secret, SEO experts around the globe are practically shouting to their clients that speed is king. Representatives from the search engine giant Google are telling us to optimize our website’s design if we want to rank. Speed is the filter through which both search engines and clients view your site. So let’s check out how it works:

You only have one chance at a first impression; Leave your customer waiting, and they’ll look elsewhere.

Imagine the following: You’ve paid a firm to build your brand and market your website. It looks great, exactly what you wanted. However, that appealing web design is not your visitor’s first experience. They have to load the front page before they can see your business. If your site takes too long to load, your potential clients will bounce. Bounce isn’t slang in web design; it means someone hit the back button before actually seeing your website. Faster competition is only a click away. Investing in a professional design for your website is a part of caring for your customers. They will always go for the best customer service.

Mobile devices only compound the matter. Google’s official studies have determined the average load time for a mobile site is over 15 seconds. The same investigation reveals visitors are willing to wait less than 3 seconds. Every passing second sharply diminishes the likelihood a visitor will convert into a consumer.

Still not convinced? Here are some other factors to consider

  • Potential clients stay on fast websites longer
  • Long load times can be mistaken for your website being offline
  • Slow websites frustrate visitors and sour their mood
  • Site speed is significant to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more

In essence: a better, faster web design makes your clients happy and search engines too!

Speed improves the consumer experience.

Would you believe people experience real stress during long loading times? So much pressure it could be compared to waiting for a jump scare in the newest horror flick? That’s just what the most recent analysis from the Ericsson Research company discovered. Better web design means decreased stress for your visitors. The happier your clientele is, the more likely they will enjoy your website, purchase your products or services and return often. Speed is a great signifier of quality for your business.

Optimization is more than pretty statistics.

The optimization score of your web design is a critical metric. Every visitor to your website uses a distinct variety of internet connection, browser, and device. The best designs load fast and consistently across all variables. Are you curious to know what your optimization score is? Your Computer Expert offers free analysis and recommendations to get started on improving your site. Get started today!